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Coleman Instant 14×10 Foot – 8 Person Two Room Tent Review

Coleman Instant 14x10 Foot - 8 Person Two Room Tent

This is an extremely spacious 8-person (center height: 6 feet 5 inches), 2-room tent designed to assemble and collapse in one minute or less thanks to the the tent's pole system, which comes pre-attached to the tent.

The Coleman 14x10 Instant Tent features a strong, wind-responsive frame, a welded waterproof floor and inverted floor seams, coated polyester fabric combined with anti-wicking thread, webbing, and zippers, which are designed to keep you dry even with nasty downpours. The exterior is tough and long-lasting, twice as thick as Coleman's standard tent fabric. All these details make this tent estremely robust and confortable for a no-risk-at-all vacation.

The two doors and seven windows ensure air circulation, refreshment and 360-degree views.

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As one of the buyers had to say lately

"No hassle, no missing pieces, no A, B, or C to connect to and from. It was spacious and I like that it has 2 separate doors and windows all around with the option to zip up for privacy. I have no regrets. More time for fun in the sun activities while others struggle to set up."

by Nancy G.
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Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Tent – 2 Person Review

Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Tent - 2 Person

If you want to lay down and look at a starry sky, this is the tent for you. The Kelty Grand Mesa Tent - 2 Person features a mesh ceiling for star gazing. But this is not its strongest point. This pop up tent received lots of very good comments because of some details which are much appreciated: internal pockets and a single vestibule giving you plenty of overnight storage, a noiseless zipper, the fly vent, all the seams taped. It has been said "Excellent tent, unbeatable price".

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Genij One-step Instant Setup Family Camping Tent Review

One-step Instant Setup Family Camping Tent

The new Genij taller design for tall customers! Very easy to set up and to fold, made of a durable and protective material, this 4 person camping tent sets up in 3 seconds and takes down in 3 seconds.

The Genij One-step Instant Setup Family Camping Tent is large enough for 4 adults or many kids and has two large double waterproof windows with mesh and roof circular mesh to keep the insects outside and fresh air breezing through.

You can have it with a 30% discount but you have to hurry: only few left in stock!!

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A new Family Cabana Tent! This easy to use - put it up in seconds and folds down in minutes - tent is made to protect you from sun, wind and rain. It is claimed to be the best of all pop up tents: beautifully designed and easy to set up.

These the main features:

  • UV rays filters, rated 45 SPF
  • back flap opens to allow great breeze
  • front can be completely closed with zipper for privacy
  • mesh panels on both ends
  • pegs in the package for strong wind
  • comes with a handy stack to carry it in
  • bright blue and brilliant yellow
  • sizes 82"wide x50"deep x 52"high

Perfect for any outdoor event, also an excellent place for kids to play indoors or outdoors!!

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Wind Ridge Instant Tent Review

Wind Ridge Instant Tent

The Wind Ridge Instant Tent is a sort of "classic". Produced by Eldorado Outdoor Products, founded by a man who lives his life on the road in search of adventures, this tent can be set up in under one minute: some 3 seconds!!!

This three-season, three-person tent features a double-layer door and a double-layer window. It also has two starlight windows to allow plenty of ventilation. It is waterproof rainfly and has a bathtub tarp bottom to prevent flooding and splashing. The Wind Ridge even includes a power access slot, so you can run power into the tent and plug in a light source, a small heater, or other electrical item.

Every detail was carefully studied and wanted by the founder, who knows what it is needed for camping with every wheather condition. The fact is this is one of the few tents, if not the only one, procuded by somebody primarily for himself, rather than for selling to others.... And one of the main concern of the producer, along with safety, confort, functionality, durability, and design is cost. That's why the Wind Ridge Instant Tent is so cheap compared with its features. Probably the best instant tent considering features and cost you can find anywhere.

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Wind Ridge Instant Tent

Read more about the Wind Ridge Instant Tent: check the user's comments: you won't be disappointed!


One Touch Push Up Easy Setup Beach Shelter 8 Feet Tent Review

One Touch Push Up Easy Setup Beach Shelter 8 Feet Tent

This "One Touch Push Up" Tent is claimed to be better than a classic pop up tent. It is made of heavy-duty polyurethane-coated taffeta for increased UV protection and cool comfort, it's light weight, easy to set up and o take down and comes in a handy bag. According to users, the only negative point is that it cannot be used with a strong wind.

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This is the comment of one of the buyer:

"Normally this item can be purchased at around $135.00 but I was able to purchase through Amazon. com at a 70% discount and savings. A great bargain."
Comment by Schneberger

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Family Cabana Tent Shelter Beach Review


The latest Cabana Family tent is 82"wide x50"deep x 52"high and protect the users from wind and rain and also from sun, because it filters out harmful UV rays (UV protection rated 45 SPF). It weighs 6lbs and backpack is about 20" in diameter and it is extremely easy to set up and to folds down.

Grab this Family tent, there aren't many available!!


Genji Sports Pop Up Family Beach Tent And Beach Sunshelter Review


An extremely easy pop up tent to open and fold, large enough for two adults or one adult and many kids. It's light weigh, easy to carry, suitable for beach, park and outdoor activities. Owners are enthusiast, and declare it to be a "must-have" for beach holidays and other outdoor activities: totally worth the money!

Read a customer Comment (Mr "PhysicsGuy")
I grew up with this type of "pop-up" tent and now that I have my own family I realized that I needed another one. This tent design has been around for 14 years now. In that time period I haven't found a more simple, easy to use, or more portable tent for lounging away from the sun between beach activities. I like being able to just throw the thing into the air, watch it expand mid-flight, and then have a setup tent in front of me (hopefully in the future everything we need will be built this way!). Fold down is very easy ...... Read more


Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Family Tent Review


This Pop Up Family Tent is large enough for two adults or one adult and many kids. It opens in 1 second and folds down in 3 seconds! It's easy to carry, light weigh, has front and rear zipper panels; not only can be used as beach tent but also be used on camping and outdoor activities.

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This a review by a owner:

I have owned a genji pop-up beach tent for a while, and so far, it has worked wonderfully. Wanting something that could also be used for trips to the park or camping, I recently purchased this outdoor tent because it can be zipped up both in the front and back. My husband and I used it recently on our vacation and it worked great! My kids loved it, and I had an excellent afternoon nap on the beach. The way the tent zips up completely is an added convenience. It works great as a changing station. It also helps keep the bugs out of our food when we have picnics at the park!

By Cats n Books

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Lebarna 3-Person Camping Dome Tent 7X7 Feet One Touch Set Up Review

Lebarna-3-Person-Camping-Dome-Tent 7X7-pop-up

This One Touch Pop Up tent is lightweight enough for hiking and traveling. It is square-shaped, 7 by 7 feet, and it is designed for two to three sleepers.

Pros: durable, rainproof, extremely easy to set up

Cons: 3 adults might feel not very confortable: users feels it should be just a little bigger.

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Here is what one of the users has to say about this Leberna 3 person Pop Up Tent

"I went on a trip with a bunch of experienced campers and they were all very envious of this tent. Rain tarp is excellent (and EASY TOO!). I find that I'm now doing a lot more camping just because it's so EASY. I honestly can't say enough about how great this tent is, buy it and you will be in love with it like me.

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